You write that you regularly update the quantum information in the Tags. How does that work? And then do I have to do something myself?

We perform regular updates on the Penta Power Tags to ensure continued optimal protection against radiation . This is essential given the increasing number of sources of radiation and wireless technologies in our society today. These continuous adjustments allow us to ensure that our products always optimally transform all radiation, regardless of changes in our technological landscape.

This is made possible by a principle of quantum physics known as quantum entanglement . As a result, all existing Tags, including those you have already purchased, are automatically updated without you having to do anything or incur any additional costs.

quantum entanglement entanglement

Quantum entanglement (Entanglement) can also be explained using the metaphor of twins.

Imagine identical twins living in different places around the world – let’s say one in Amsterdam and the other in New York. Now the amazing thing happens – when one half of the twins in Amsterdam decides to color their hair, the other half of the twins in New York automatically gets just the same inspiration, and changes their hair to the same color at exactly the same time. This happens immediately, without any delay despite the great distance between them.

This is how our Penta Power Tags work: every time we update, all existing Tags – including those already in your home – are immediately and automatically updated to the same standard. And the best part is that this is completely free for you as a customer .

So just as the twins always stay synchronized regardless of their location, so too do all our Penta Power Tags stay synchronized with every update we make. The difference is that this “synchronization” is not limited by time or space thanks to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.