I have sleep problems and feel energy depleted. Could this be caused by radiation? Do Penta Power Tags offer a solution to this?

Radiation does indeed have a negative effect on our sleep quality . In fact, during the night we are ten times more sensitive to radiation than during the day because, among other things, we lie flat, lie still and are in a different state of consciousness.

A common complaint resulting from radiation exposure is poor sleep, including difficulty falling asleep, sleeping through and waking up insufficiently rested . This can lead to fatigue and an imbalance of energy throughout the day. Radiation exposure is usually a major factor in fatigue and burnout.

Penta Power Tags offer a solution to this by neutralizing radiation and converting this radiation into life force . Many users report that after using the Penta Power Tags, they experience experience improvements in their sleep, such as deeper sleep and ultimately higher levels of even energy .

Radiation in the bedroom transformed with Penta Power Gold Tag