Do you work with distributors/resellers? I deal with health professionally. As a therapist, can I also distribute your products? What are the conditions? How can one apply for it?


The mission of our company is “ Supporting the awareness, happiness and health of all life “. We achieve this by developing the very best solutions based on quantum physics, producing them and offering them to consumers through selected and trained therapists with appropriate advice. Therefore, in addition to the quality of our products, we attach a great deal of importance to the continuous training of our therapists/distributors.

There are 3 major groups of conditions to distribute our products:

  1. That you have a similar mission Have a mission similar to ours and want to use our solutions to further support your customers’ awareness, happiness and health with our products.

  2. That you use and experience our solutions yourself first so that you can speak from experience about them.

  3. That you have an in-depth knowledge of our solution and its applications develop it and thus be able to assist the customer with the right information and products. For this we have online training courses, physical training days at our Training Center in Bekegem and personal guidance from our radiation experts available!

We also have a lot of information available to the end customer in the form of flyers, webinars, our free e-Book, radiation scan , etc.

Want to take your practice to another level by offering Penta Power Tags to your clients?

If so, please contact us.