Besides the Penta Power Home Tag, why are other Penta Power Tags essential?

The Home Tag is a good step to reduce the external radiation, that is, radiation from outside , to neutralize it. However, due to the multitude of radiation and radiation sources to which we are continuously exposed, the other Penta Power Tags are also essential:

  1. To work causally, it is important to not only avoid radiation , but also to use it wisely and wisely. Our E-Book offers valuable tips on how to avoid radiation yourself. Be sure to download it!

  2. The transforming radiation at the source is essential. The Penta Power Multi Tag and Duo Tag play a crucial role in this process, as they help transform various radiation sources. Without these Tags, the problem remains, similar to mopping while the tap remains open . Are you curious about what specific sources of radiation you are exposed to and how to effectively transform them? Then do our radiation scan.

  3. Many wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches are worn or held directly on our bodies, so the radiation is absorbed directly by our bodies . It is important to also transform at the source for optimal protection.

  4. Outdoors , outside our “cocoon” created by the Home Tag(s) (such as during work, vacations or travel), we are fully exposed to external sources of radiation . Therefore, the Penta Power Gold Tag, Penta Power Pendant and Penta Power Jewel Pendant are highly recommended, especially outdoors, to provide an extra layer of protection.

Using the various recommended Penta Power Tags together with the Penta Power Home Tag provides a total protection against the numerous sources of electromagnetic radiation to which we are constantly exposed .

Radiation is all around us in and outside our homes wifi 5G wireless phone laptop electricity grid headphones