Electric or hybrid car: guide to placement and use of Penta Power Tags

  1. Stick a Penta Power Home Tag to the inside of the car roof
  2. Place a Penta Power Gold Tag under the 2 front seats
  3. Attach a Penta Power Duo Tag to the dashboard
  4. Stick a set of Penta Power Quatro Tags on the floor of the car: 1 under the driver’s seat, 1 under the passenger’s seat, 1 on the left rear and 1 on the right rear. The last 2 can be placed in the trunk, for example. The Quatro Tags should be placed on the floor or attached as close to it as possible to transform the radiation from the batteries that are usually under the floor.
  5. Provide the home charging point with a Penta Power 220 Tag
Neutralize strong radiation in electric car

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