What is the difference between using (precious) stones or crystals to neutralize radiation and using the Penta Power Tags to transform radiation?

(Precious) stones or crystals cannot actually transform radiation but they absorb them like a battery and store them. When they are “fully charged , they radiate these energies again, becoming a source of disharmony themselves. . The Most crystal cleaning methods work only to a limited extent .

In contrast, Penta Power Tags have the capacity to actually transform radiation rather than store it. Transforming means transforming burdensome energies into supportive energies . Our Penta Power Tags continue to work effectively without diminishing or requiring maintenance as long as they are not damaged. Because Penta Power Tags transform energies and do not store burdensome energies, they do not require energetic cleansing or discharge as crystals sometimes do.

In this way, the use of Penta Power Tags an active transformation of radiation. , while (precious) stones and crystals act mainly as energetic storage without the ability to actually transform radiation.

If you do have crystals in your home and want to cleanse them, you can occasionally place them on a Penta Power Gold Tag overnight. In addition, you can regularly spray the AURA SPRAY 15 from our DROPS 15 range of energetic drops over it.

Penta Power Gold Tag for energetic cleansing of crystals