What is the difference between the Penta Power Gold Tag and the Penta Power Pendant?

The Penta Power Gold Tag and the Penta Power Pendant are both recommended products because they are mutually reinforcing and complementary. They play an essential role in protecting us from outdoor radiation and enhancing our well-being.

Below are the main differences:

Penta Power Gold Tag :

  • The Gold Tag is significantly larger and therefore more powerful than the Penta Power Pendant.
  • It transforms radiation in a space, such as a room or car, similar to how the Home Tag does this for an entire home. In addition, it also strengthens our energetic field.
  • To take full advantage of its powerful effects, it is strongly recommended that you keep the Gold Tag near you at all times, even at night on your nightstand or under your pillow.

Penta Power Pendant :

  • The Pendant directly strengthens our energetic field, also known as our aura.
  • Unlike the Gold Tag, the Pendant has less impact on the space we are in and focuses primarily on strengthening our personal energy field.
  • It is also highly recommended to carry the Penta Power Pendant with you at all times, so you can enjoy its positive effects on your well-being anywhere.

Discover the power of both the Penta Power Gold Tag and the Penta Power Pendant and experience how they complement each other to help you in a world of radiation.

Penta Power Gold Tag
Penta Power Pendant protects against radiation