Jewel Earrings

Penta Power Jewel Earrings

Penta Power Jewel Earrings

1,110.001,160.00 VAT incl. (including VAT)

Penta Power Earrings are manufactured with quantum information specifically tailored to the wearer’s personal needs and preferences. This creates a powerful energetic connection that contributes to inner balance, good health and protection from radiation. The result is a unique and personalized experience.

To ensure maximum transparency and ensure that the price of the Jewel Pendant accurately reflects its underlying value, the price of the jewel in white, yellow or rose gold is determined based on the daily gold rate. Therefore, the price can only be obtained upon request.

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The Penta Power Jewel Earrings are worn on the ears.

These earrings for the ear have a diameter of 9 mm .

Penta Power Jewel Earrings are available in white, yellow and rose gold.

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