What do you mean by a perfectly personalized solution? Why is Penta Power a personalized solution?

Every home, living situation and living environment is unique. Therefore, everyone needs a personalized and tailored solution to provide protection from radiation.

At Penta Power, we offer this personalized approach using our 9 unique Penta Power Tags. Although the various Tags are all necessary, the number required and the specific locations where they are placed may vary.

By following the guidelines of the Penta Power radiation scan, you will gain insight into which Tags you need where. In this way you create a perfectly tuned solution capable of transforming ALL radiation in any environment or application . Click here to go to the radiation scan.

You can compare this to LEGO. Just as you can build both a small house and a replica of a large building with a limited number of different blocks, we put together the ideal solution to transform radiation for small studios, large villas, apartments, office buildings, horse stables and more with our limited range of Penta Power Tags.

In this way, we ensure that your specific needs are met and that you have a perfect custom solution to effectively transform all radiation in your specific environment .