What is the difference between the Penta Power Multi Tag and the Penta Power Duo Tag?

  1. The Penta Power Duo Tags are smaller . Their diameter is 9 mm instead of 19 mm. This allows Duo Tags to fit on smaller devices or devices with less space.

  2. A set of Penta Power Duo Tags includes. 2 pcs. . These should always be glued together in the same plane. Always stick them together on the front or back of the device. . It is easiest if you glue one Tag on the top left and the other on the top right. This also keeps the device in a stable position.

  3. A set of Penta Power Duo Tags is even more powerful than a Penta Power Multi Tag because both Tags together create a larger and more powerful field.
Penta Power Multi Tag protects against radiation from our personal wireless devices
A set of Penta Power Duo Tag protects you from radiation from devices worn close to you such as smartphones