What is the difference in operation between the Penta Power Jewel Pendant and the Penta Power Jewel Earrings?

The main effect of both Jewels is identical in se, namely, the stimulation of the self-healing capacity on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level of the person for whom the jewel is specifically programmed. However, because of their unique programming and the specific location on the body where they are worn, they have a slightly different but very complementary and empowering effect.

The Penta Power Jewel Pendant creates a large energetic field at chest and throat level and works primarily on the heart, heart chakra, energetic heart and throat chakra . Thus, self-love and self-acceptance grows and, as a result, so does love for others and the other. As blood circulation is supported, beneficial energy and information is also sent to the rest of the body.

In turn, a set of Penta Power Jewel Earrings is programmed so that the both earrings together form a large energetic field at the level of the head . Therefore, they work more specifically on brain balance specifically balancing the different areas and functions of the brain, the epiphysis, crown chakra and third eye. By strengthening the connection with our Highest Self, our inner (or spiritual) knowing is enhanced, which, among other things, improves our intuitive abilities and allows us to see our own path more easily and clearly.

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