Why are solar panels so inadvisable? Why are solar panels so unhealthy to live or work under?

There are three major groups of disruptive energies that photovoltaic solar panels (solar panels that produce electricity) cause:

  1. (Heavy) radiation from the panels themselves to the people who live, sleep and/or work below them, including several floors below . Because of this, with solar panels, it is always recommended to hang Penta Power Home Tags under the PV panels.

  2. ‘Dirty’ electricity (also called grid pollution) produced by the PV panels and which is shared with other grid users. Also, the power grid carries a lot of high-frequency radiation. This makes it appropriate to always stick a Penta Power 220 Tag on your electricity meter, especially if you have a smart meter (smart meter). This meter itself produces a lot of radiation.

  3. Radiation created by inverters . . Therefore, it is necessary to stick a Penta Power 220 Tag on each inverter. Don’t forget to de-energize home battery inverters, too!

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Radiation from solar panels
Discover the possible negative effects of radiation from solar panels