How large is the operating range of a Penta Power Gold Tag? How much space does it handle?

The Penta Power Gold Tag is designed to cover an entire space, whether it is a room, a car or other places where you spend a lot of time. The operating range of the Gold Tag extends to approximately ± 6 meters around the disc .

With its powerful radiation transformation and energetic amplification properties, the Gold Tag creates a protective and harmonious field in the space in which it resides. This means you can enjoy the benefits and effects of the Gold Tag within this range.

Thanks to its larger size and amplified power, the Penta Power Gold Tag not only offers protection from harmful radiation, but also enhances our energetic well-being. By simply placing the Gold Tag in your vicinity near you, for example on your bedside table or under your pillow, you can benefit from its harmonizing effects as you rest and relax.

Experience for yourself the difference the Penta Power Gold Tag can make in your living environment and enjoy balanced energy and radiation protection in any room.

radiation protection at night with Penta Power Gold Tag