Does it make sense to only unplug my cell phone and/or tablet with the Penta Power Duo Tags?

We are surrounded by very many different (heavy) sources of radiation that burden us and which we need to transform as much as possible at the source to transform the harmful side effects as much as possible. This is precisely why the different Penta Power Tags each have different but very complementary effects and reinforce each other. Therefore, they are needed together to transform all radiation. Each Tag individually works perfectly for the application it was developed for, but is never going to transform all radiation and all radiation sources.

Unplugging the cell phone, tablet, wifi is highly necessary anyway. However, there are many different sources of radiation (and increasing) to which we are exposed, most of which are even more powerful than cell phone or wifi radiation. Therefore, it is important to transform them, step by step or otherwise.

In addition, the Penta Power Tags reinforce each other, so that the combined effect of the Tags, is far greater than the sum of their separate effect .

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