What is AQwaTech Total Balance?

This is a holistic personalized total solution to man and animal and their environment balance in all areas. Here, our various solutions are combined into one overall solution, perfectly tailored to the specific situation of the customer or company in question.

This total solution possesses five unique features:

  1. Holistic : Our solutions take a holistic approach to humans, animals and plants to create good health spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

  2. Cause : To obtain lasting results, it is important to resolve the origin of any disharmony at its source (i.e., on the spiritual plane).

  3. Energetic : Our solutions are based on quantum physics and contain exceptionally refined energies and information (consciousness) that restore balance.

  4. Personalized : Our solutions work very ingeniously, put the finger on the wound, offer just what is needed and at the same time are very easy to use.

  5. Total solution : Although each solution can be applied perfectly separately and extremely effectively, the individual solutions are very complementary and enhance each other’s effect very fiercely. Thus, AQwaTech Total Balance forms a synergistic total solution that supports both the individual himself in balance as well as the (disturbances in the) environment transforms. Its modular nature makes it perfectly adaptable to farm size, number of animals and specific needs.

Specifically for horses, we have developed AQwaTech Horse Balance, a holistic personalized total solution to bring and keep man and horse and their environment in balance in all areas. For more information visit www.horsebalance.com

My Total Balance features