Does it make sense to measure radiation?

Measuring radiation can provide valuable information about the electromagnetic components of radiation, such as the electric and magnetic fields. However, it is important to understand that conventional measuring equipment is unable to measure the scalar component of radiation. This is precisely the component believed to be responsible for the harmful effects of radiation.

Penta Power Tags are based on Professor Konstantin Meyl’s findings regarding this scalar component. The Tags do not transform the electromagnetic components (needed for wireless communication), but rather the harmful scalar component to a supporting energy.

This means that using a radiation measuring device before and after the application of the Penta Power Tags will yield similar values, because the measuring device has no understanding of this particular scalar component and its transformation .

A comparison might be that reading the engine temperature of your car gives no indication of how fast you are driving. Similarly, conventional radiation measurement does not give a complete picture of all aspects relevant to health effects .

It is important to remember that the purpose of Penta Power Tags is not to completely block or alter electromagnetic radiation, but to provide support through transformation to a positive energy component . The BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications) also does not allow the blocking of electromagnetic radiation.

Therefore, there is no need to rely on radiation measurement as the sole measure of Penta Power Tags’ effectiveness. Most importantly, pay attention to the experience and improvement of your health and well-being while using the Tags.