What other solutions do you offer?

  1. With the use of the Penta Power Tags according to the Penta Power radiation scan , the radiation load of humans and animals is completely transformed to support rather than burden the organism’s system. The personalized Penta Power Jewels are going to empower each user with highly personalized quantum information.

  2. The AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser vitalizes the water in the water pipes and thus the entire living environment.

  3. The AQwaVit® Cures. : The AQwaVit® Home Cleanse Cure (and the specific cures for businesses, agriculture and horse husbandry) transforms all energetic loads in the living environment and makes them supportive rather than burdensome. The various AQwaVit® Boost cures for humans and animals significantly boost an individual’s self-healing ability and actively support his or her harmonic development.

  4. The DROPS 15 energetic drops to be taken orally, the AURA SPRAY 15 and the BEAUTY SPRAY 15 to be sprayed causally support the self-healing capacity of humans and animals.

  5. The AQwaVit® Flow2Heal system scans and treats humans and animals with unique personalized information and beneficial energy.

Penta Power AQwaVit DROPS 15