What length of chain should I choose for my Penta Power Jewel Pendant?

Depending on male or female and whether you want to wear the jewel short or long (e.g., on a cleavage), choose the ideal length of the necklace.

The Standard length of the chain is 45 cm . On request and at additional cost we can – per 5 centimeters – also provide longer chains: for silver up to 70 cm and for gold up to 90 cm .

In addition, for the gold chains an additional eyelet may also be provided at the desired distance from the end of the chain (usually this is 5 cm) allowing the chain to be worn slightly shorter and giving you the choice between 2 lengths, depending on the occasion and the look you want to create.

To help you choose the perfect chain length, we also have a size chain at your disposal. Allows you to very easily determine the ideal length to suit your style and needs.