What is the difference between radiation ballast and radiation exposure?

Radiation exposure Refers to the average degree to which you are burdened by radiation. This load is mainly determined by:

  1. Your sensitivity to radiation from wireless technologies, and
  2. How much you were exposed to this radiation.

The term radiation ballast in turn describes how much of this previously acquired radiation is stored in your system (e.g., in cellular memory) after prolonged exposure . So even if the source of the radiation is no longer present or has been converted, you may still experience negative effects.

A good way to imagine this is to think of a backpack we always carry: originally it was empty and we could move effortlessly, but constant exposure to radiation added heavy stones to it. This makes walking more difficult and tiring, even if direct sources of radiation are no longer present or have been transformed.

You can protect yourself from radiation exposure by using all Penta Power Tags as indicated in the results of our radiation scan.

After all forms of load have been converted using the recommended Penta Power Tags, a treatment with one bottle of CLEANSE 15 (3 x 7 drops per day) from our range of energetic DROPS 15 is usually sufficient to clear your system of stored ballast.

Difference between radiation load and radiation ballast