Penta Power Tags neutralize

and put electromagnetic

radiation into positive energy.

They are designed by experienced radiation experts based on quantum technology. Radiation is often the cause of various health risks. Penta Power Tags are a simple and efficient solution to create a radiation-free living environment. Discover how Penta Power Tags can help give you a healthy and vital life.

We are radiation experts.
Creating a healthy, radiation-free living environment is our goal.

For that, we use quantum technology.
Beneficial for health and general well-being.


Penta Power: Our Approach

Penta Power is a leading expert in the field of electromagnetic radiation. We share our expertise to eliminate radiation from the environment.

We also offer an all-in-one solution to transform radiation transform radiation into positive energy.

Our tags make it possible to live with the comfort of digital solutions, but without their health risks.

Our customers tell our story

I am Bieke and I am highly sensitive. For years I suffered from dizziness. It quickly became clear that the cause had to be sought in Wifi and electromagnetic radiation. And then Penta Power came my way. Without hesitation, I equipped our home with the Tags needed to ensure full protection. Away radiation, welcome vitality boost, we sleep well again and we feel more powerful than ever! I can recommend it to everyone!


In my rental property, I was experiencing a lot of radiation coming from the smart meter, from the solar panels and the induction stove, among other things. I had constant splitting headaches, I felt my body was overloaded, I could no longer function.

After a radiation scan, I found out where the Tags needed to be applied to eliminate radiation from my life. My headache disappeared. I love being in my home again now, the energy has clearly cleared.

Gerda - Therapist

The presence of the Penta Power Tags has helped not only us human family members. Our cat Oya also went through a total transformation. I saw an anxious little animal with severe skin problems turn into a playful daredevil with a beautiful, shiny coat.

At night in the bedroom, there is often palpable electricity in the air (5G and other radiation). The Penta Power Gold Tag under my mattress or on the nightstand assures us of good sleep quality. Thank you for your quantum technology !

Marjolein - Architect

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Our therapists

We work with certified therapists who are trained to help you on your way to a healthy, energetic and radiation-free life!

Our therapists give you here

To avoid radiation.

Living with radiation, but without the risks and dangers to your health.

Discover how you can transform electromagnetic radiation can transform into positive energy.