What is the difference between Penta Power Tags and your AQwaVit Water Vitaliser?

Both products are complementary and mutually reinforcing.

The AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser removes old energetic imprints from the water and vitalizes it . It promotes health, peace and harmony and also has a beneficial effect on your entire living environment. Together with the AQwaVit Industrial Home Cleanse it will transform all energetic loads . This both for loads of metaphysical (as e.g. entities…) and geopathic nature (earth rays, water veins…). Thus, there is much more peace and harmony in the living environment, which also makes you more resistant to e-smog (electromagnetic radiation).

Penta Power Tags actively transform the potentially harmful effects of different types of radiation (e-smog). The Penta Power Tags are going to transform the harmful scalar component of radiation, i.e. convert it to supporting energies . .

The AQwaVit Water Vitaliser and the AQwaVit Industrial Home Cleanse enhance the action of the Penta Power Tags (and vice versa as well), but do not replace them.

Therefore, they are highly complementary!

AQwaVit Water Vitaliser vitalizes water and harmonizes your living environment.