Home Scan: Determining Penta Power Home Tags - number and locations.

Penta Power Home Tags are going to neutralize and transform the radiation coming into the home from outside.

Consider radiation from transmission towers, power lines, train and streetcar overhead wires, high-voltage cabs, satellites, air and marine radar, etc.

They are also going to protect you from the radiation produced by your own solar panels.

The number and ideal location(s) where the Home Tag(s) are best attached depends on, among other things:

  • Property type: house, apartment, loft…
  • Shape and size of the house
  • Type of roof
  • The presence of solar panels, if any, and how they are installed

We are happy to help you with a personalized guide indicating the location(s) of the Home Tag(s).

Provide some basic information and upload one or more photos of your property and we’ll do the rest!

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