Smartwatch: guide to placement and use of Penta Power Tags

Stick both tags that make up the Penta Power Duo Tags on the back of the smartwatch. Make sure the sensors are not obstructed.

Penta Power always wants to offer its customers the best quality.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean the surfaces that the Penta Power Duo Tags will be placed on before application. This is how you ensure optimal adhesion and proper functioning of the Tags.

Use and placement of the Penta Power Duo Tags:

  1. Clean the surfaces of your smartwatch where the Tags will go with the alcohol wipe.
  2. Pat the surfaces dry with the Penta Power microfiber cloth.
  3. Stick the Penta Power Duo Tags on your smartwatch.
  4. Press firmly for a few seconds.

And remember, this microfiber cloth is reusable! Perfect for cleaning your glasses, screen and so much more.

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