What components does electromagnetic radiation consist of? What is this scalar component of radiation right?

Every form of radiation has three components: an electrical, a magnetic and a scalar component . Unfortunately, most radiation “specialists” are unaware of the existence of that scalar component, although it is precisely this one that is responsible for adverse health effects. The operation of our Penta Power Tags is based on the findings of German Professor Konstantin Meyl regarding the scalar component of radiation.

The scalar component of electromagnetic radiation is not necessary for our devices and technology to work, but it is responsible for the health problems . This scalar component is perfectly guided by our nerves because we are scalar beings who also communicate scalarly.

Professor Meyl has shown that nerve pathways have an ideal physical shape for the transport of scalar waves . The scalar waves of wireless technology create a wrong resonance with our internal scalar waves . This explains our sensitivity to e-smog and the health problems caused by it.

The scalar component of radiation has a number of specific properties:

  1. Go faster than light Because the transmission of information is instantaneous

  2. Carrying (harmful) information That have an effect on living things

  3. Are transmitted via an electromagnetic carrier wave

  4. Can not be measured with the conventional equipment

  5. They go right through matter and cannot be shielded with a Faraday cage
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