I often feel very strange. I suspect this is due to radiation. Are there any other causes that could cause this?

There are four different causes that often cause the same uneasy feeling in humans and animals:

  1. Radiation stress from exposure to radiation . . These should be transformed with Penta Power Tags according to the advice of the radiation scan.

  2. Radiation ballast by storing radiation load in the cells (cell memory) . After transforming the radiation load through the Penta Power Tags, the radiation ballast should be transformed with CLEANSE 15 from our DROPS 15 range.

  3. Weak aura : one feels the burdensome energies of others. Therefore, the aura should be built up and purified with AURA SPRAY 15.

  4. Energetic strain Of the living and working environment. It is transformed with the AQwaVit Water Vitaliser and the AQwaVit Industrial Home Cleanse.
uneasy feeling due to radiation exposure