How do I neutralize radiation in a (residential) boat with Penta Power Tags?

Penta Power Tags work as effectively on a boat as they do in a house on land. . The principles of de-stressing can be applied to both homes and (residential) boats. For best results, we recommend using our free radiation scan.

With boats, however, there are some specific aspects to consider:

  1. Solar panels are often present on boats. It is imperative that these be de-energized with additional Home Tags (under the panels) and 220 Tag (on the inverters). If you want to know where best to place Home Tags, complete the Home Scan and upload some photos of the boat. We will then indicate where best to place the Home Tag(s).

  2. Usually there are also a generator and one or more large batteries for electricity storage , as well as inverters (inverters) to convert electricity from DC to AC and vice versa. These devices generate electromagnetic fields, so it is necessary to put a Penta Power 220 Tag on each inverter and battery.

  3. Because of the strong electromagnetic field they produce, it is important on every wall, floor or ceiling of bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens adjacent to areas with inverters, batteries or generators stick a Penta Power Quatro Tag – one Tag in each corner.

  4. Active (inland) vessels often have radar and communications equipment installed. You can neutralize interfering signals from these communication devices with a Penta Power Multi Tag – stick one piece on each device. Because of the broad and strong signal emitted by radar, it is especially important to hang a Home Tag from the ceiling in the bedrooms to hang a Home Tag on the ceiling and a Quatro Tag on the walls adjacent to the location of the radar .
Neutralize radiation in houseboat or barge