I live in rental housing or plan to move soon. Can I take my Penta Power Tags with me then?

If you may be moving in the near future, here are some recommendations to make sure you can take your Penta Power Home Tag(s ) and Penta Power 220 Tag(s ) with you to your new home:

  • Paste the Penta Power Home Tag(s) directly on the ceiling , as removing them may cause damage to both the Tag(s) and your ceiling. It is better to order our Plexi for Home Tag.
    After removing the protective film on the back of the plexi, attach the Home Tag to the front (where ‘www.penta-power.com’ is visible). The place to attach the Home Tag is indicated by four curved lines. Then you can temporarily attach the plexi with Home Tag attached to it to the ceiling with (double-sided) tape or screw it down with two or four small screws. The plexi is also useful for attaching the Home Tag to a beam or porous surface, for example, as the Home Tag does not adhere well to such surfaces.
Penta Power Plexi to attach Penta Power Home Tag
  • Attach the Penta Power 220 Tag not directly to the electricity meter r, -box or inverter , but leave it hanging on the white surface. Then stick this white background with Penta Power 220 Tag attached to it on your electrical cabinet, for example, by sticking tape diagonally across the corners. Make sure there is no tape over the Penta Power 220 Tag itself! Below is an example of what this temporary bonding might look like: