When is it necessary to use a Penta Power plexi plate to attach the Penta Power Home Tag?

The Penta Power Plexi for Home Tag makes it much easier to hang Home Tags correctly and permanently:

  1. This way you can very easily attach the Home Tag(s) with 2 or 4 screws to all types of surfaces, including those on which the Home Tag does not adhere well , such as wooden beams or untreated wood. This way, the Home Tags will stay securely attached.
    Note: The Home Tag adheres very well to painted drywall ceilings. In this case, no plexiglass plate is needed. However, removing the Tag can damage both the ceiling and the Tag itself.

  2. You can also easily remove the Home Tags remove when move or renovation and take them with you to your new home .
Penta Power Plexi
Penta Power Plexi to attach Penta Power Home Tag
Penta Power Plexi with Home Tag attached