When do you use a set of Penta Power Duo Tag instead of a Penta Power Multi Tag?

A set of Penta Power Duo Tag is even more powerful than a Penta Power Multi Tag and therefore recommended in the following cases:

  1. Always on all devices that you hold, hold or are very close to you : cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, DECT (headset and base station)…

  2. The Penta Power Duo Tag has a much smaller diameter (9 mm instead of 19 mm) and can therefore be used be used on devices for which the Multi Tag is too large for…

  3. When the user is very sensitive to radiation , the Penta Power Duo Tag is also recommended on other devices such as Wi-Fi antenna, laptop…
Smartphone emits harmful radiation
Tablet emit harmful 5G radiation
Avoid smartwatches because their radiation is harmful
DECT phone or cordless home phone continuously emits harmful radiation
Baby monitor emits powerful radiation
Wireless earphones and headset radiation
protect yourself from radiation from your laptop and desktop computer