What is the ideal placement of Penta Power Home Tags?

Choosing the perfect locations for Home Tags can vary depending on the shape, size and height of your home, among other things. We are ready to help you with this. By completing the Home Scan and uploading some photos of your home, we can send you a customized guide to determine the ideal placement of Home Tags.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Place the Home Tag as high as possible (preferably in the ridge of the roof), perfectly horizontal ( unless you have your own solar panels under a sloping roof) and always with the drawing facing down.

  • The Home Tag creates an operating area in a cone shape with an angle of approximately 145°. The range of the Home Tag goes through floors, walls, ceilings, and so on.

  • The higher you place the Home Tag in your home, the greater the range becomes because of the cone-shaped radiation. See illustrations below:
Placement Penta Power Home Tag against ground floor ceiling
Scope of operation when Home Tag is placed on ground floor ceiling
Placement of Penta Power Home Tag in ridge
Scope of operation when placing Home Tag in ridge

In apartments or houses with flat roofs multiple Home Tags are often needed because the conical range is smaller. As a result, an individual Home Tag can only cover a limited area of the home. See the image below as an example:

Placement of Penta Power Home Tags in apartment and studio.
Scope of operation when placing Home Tag on ceiling apartment