What makes your company and solutions so unique?

We really work holistically (i.e. seeing humans, animals and plants as a whole spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and balancing them and their environment) and causal . All problems on the physical level are caused by an imbalance on spiritual, mental and emotional level .

Therefore, to work causally and have lasting results, you must always work upward from the origin (mind). All of our solutions do so thanks to the pooling of our four core competencies:

  1. Energetic : Our team shares extensive knowledge and experience in quantum physics and consciousness. As a result, we develop specific and highly refined and effective quantum information that supports the consciousness, happiness and health of all life on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

  2. Technical : Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of electronics, we have developed a unique patented technology developed to reproducibly program that quantum information very qualitatively into our products.

  3. Organic : With a broad scientific and medical knowledge of humans, animals and plants we develop energetic solutions that work very effectively where needed.

  4. Synergistic : Based on the foregoing three core competencies, we have developed a holistic total solution ( AQwaTech Total Balance. ) developed which transforms not only the individual but also his environment with highly personalized solutions that greatly reinforce each other.
What makes AQwaTech's solutions so unique