Do your products really help? How do I know if the Penta Power Tags are working?

Penta Power Tags are based on solid scientific findings. We ourselves are a team of scientists including an Engineer and Pharmacist on our team.

Several independent studies have confirmed the calming and energy enhancing effects of Penta Power Tags with various scientific and complementary methods. Some of the many findings were:

  • Using the Penta Power Pendant together with the Penta Power Home Tag increased the test subject’s energy level by 30%!
  • After 30 minutes with the Penta Power Pendant, stress on organs and body systems drops 20% to within the norm.
  • The test subject goes from total imbalance to almost complete balance with a Penta Power Pendant.
Penta Power GDV measurements stress
Penta Power GDV measurements 50-organs-and-systems

Also, we possess the Emoto label, which is awarded only to the most harmonizing solutions. We hold several patents that underscore the uniqueness of our technology.

The effects of our products are undeniably evident in the countless customer testimonials we receive . Users report dramatic improvements in their quality of life, sleep quality and energy levels after using our products

The many enthusiastic recommendations from our clients are the ultimate proof of its effectiveness.