About us

Team Penta Power consists of 3 passionate professionals with complementary areas of expertise and the same goal: building a healthier future together for humans, plants and animals.

By challenging each other and sharing knowledge, we encourage continuous improvement and growth of our expertise and our Penta Power products.

Whether it’s developing our Tags, creating awareness, offering expert advice or sharing knowledge, at Penta Power the health of our customers is always at the forefront.

Meet our team.


I am Lode Denecker, Bachelor of Agribusiness and Master of Pharmacy and Management.
CEO at Penta Power and responsible for Strategy, Innovation and Training.

As a pharmacist, I was able to gain valuable experience on the field, which taught me that health issues have the greatest chance of success with a holistic approach.

That science strengthens me in my search for efficient solutions that causally address health risks in our environment.

With Penta Power, we succeeded. Our tags neutralize and transform electromagnetic radiation into positive energy.

I remain determined to continue contributing every day to the well-being and better health of people and animals. We owe that to ourselves and our children.


I am Wim Danneels, responsible for Production & Logistics at Penta Power. My years of experience in sales, logistics, transportation and service management ensure that our customers are always optimally served.

At Penta Power, we strive to make and deliver products that meet the highest quality standards. The processes behind the scenes are just as important, and I guarantee that.

As an expert by experience, I want to use our expertise to create positive impact for our clients.

I look forward to helping you with the best products and service, because that too is Penta Power. Please feel free to contact us with all your questions and needs.


My name is Pol Van Welden. With a solid background in hardware and software development, quantum physics and complementary medicine, I am responsible for Research & Development at Penta Power.

Research and development of applied epigenetics combined with quantum technology, that is where my passion lies. I strive to always create the best solutions to improve the health and vitality of humans and animals.

Our Penta Power Tags, I am proud of, because I know they provide protection from the health risks caused by radiation. The current exponential growth of technological developments makes radiation protection a necessity more than ever.

Our mission

We strive to develop innovative solutions that protect and positively impact health and well-being.

A major cause of a lot of health complaints is the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

With our Penta Power Tags, based on quantum physics, we offer an effective response to this threat.

They have the unique ability to not only neutralize the radiation present, but also transform it into positive energy.

To achieve our goals, we work closely with experienced and licensed therapists who are certified in their field.

Together we can really make a difference and bring about positive change for a healthier and happier society.

Want to find out for yourself about radiation in your living environment?