Do you also come to my home to determine which Penta Power Tags I need?

No, unfortunately, for practical and economic reasons, we cannot visit your home for this determination. However, we understand that personal advice is invaluable to our valued customers.

This is because coming on site involves costs such as travel expenses and the time required by our radiation experts. We should pass this cost on to our clients in the form of a consultation fee. However, we want to remain transparent and keep our prices as accessible as possible.

That is why we have developed a unique solution: our radiation scan. This scan takes less than 10 minutes of your time and provides you with a comprehensive report with a full inventory of all your radiation sources as well as detailed recommendations about which Penta Power Tags are essential n to meet your needs.

Should you still have any questions or need personal contact, then we are always at your service via phone or video call . Our dedicated team is here to help you further and ensure you make the best choices for a radiation-free living environment that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

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