What investigations happened?

Several independent scientific studies show that the products are very effective.

In addition to the tests for awarding the Emoto Label, the following tests were conducted, among others:

  • Energy loss measurement with synchrometer : An independent test center conducted an energy loss measurement with a synchrometer. This measurement showed a very clear increase in energy in the test subject after using the Penta Power Pendant and the Penta Power Home Tag. By using the Penta Power Pendant and Penta Power Home Tag, the person’s energy increased by almost 30%!
  • GDV measurement . Prof. Konstantin Korotkov’s GDV technique is also called the energetic fingerprint method because it involves taking a scan of the fingertips. A recording with the GDV camera provides a view of the emotional, mental, energetic and physical state of the person . Some conclusions are:
    • The energy field (aura) of the test subject is much larger, stronger and nicely closed. The energy level of the test subject increased significantly. This makes the person more resistant to external influences.
    • The stress level of the organs and systems decreased by more than 20% in the test subject after wearing the Penta Power Pendant for 30 minutes.
    • The chakras are much better balanced. Their size is much more even and they are much better aligned.
    • The 50 organs and systems of the test subjects are almost all perfectly balanced. The test subject goes from total imbalance to almost complete balance.