What are the Penta Power® Tags?

Penta Power Tags are a range of 3D stickers which, through their unique shape, material, geometry and specific quantum information with which they are imprinted, will transform (convert into supportive energies) the harmful component of radiation from wireless technologies from your own devices (such as cell phone, 3G, 4G, 5G, wireless DECT phone, wifi router, wireless music system, baby monitor, etc.) and the radiation from outside and support you energetically. Each Penta Power Tag has a specific operation and the individual Tags reinforce each other. To transform all the harmful radiation in your home and environment, a total approach is appropriate.

You can combine the various Penta Power Tags yourself to create a personalized system tailored entirely to your family situation, home and needs.

With our radiation scan, determine which Penta Power Tags you need, and how many of each Tag, for maximum transformation of harmful radiation. You can find the Penta Power radiation scan here.