Some Penta Power Tags are available in different colors. Does the color do anything to the operation of the Penta Power Tags?

No, the color of Penta Power Tags does not affect their operation. . Whether you choose a black, white, or another color Penta Power Multi Tag, Penta Power Duo Tag, Pendant or Home Tag, the functionality and effectiveness are identical.

The colors of the Penta Power Tags are purely aesthetic and allow you to choose which color best suits your personal preference or interior. Regardless of the color you choose, you can be confident that each Penta Power Tag offers the same high-quality protection against electromagnetic radiation.

So feel free to choose a color that suits your style and taste, without worrying about any differences in functionality or performance.

Penta Power Pendant gold protects against radiation
Penta Power Pendant silver protects against radiation
Penta Power Pendant white protects against radiation
Penta Power Pendant black protects against radiation
the Penta Power Duo Tag transforms cell phone radiation
Penta Power Duo Tag protects against smartphone cell phone radiation