Penta Power Widget

Penta Power Tag technology

Discover harmony, wellbeing and protection with the Penta Power Widget

The Penta Power Widget offers a soothing and healing effect, giving you an instant feeling of natural harmony.

This result is achieved by combining the powerful Penta Power Tag technology with the ancient Hawaiian art of living, Ho’oponopono.

Penta Power Tag technology

Discover the innovative Penta Power Technology, based on quantum technology.

Penta Power Tags have been developed to neutralise and transform all electromagnetic radiation from devices such as mobile phones, WiFi, DECT, Bluetooth, etc.

That also strengthens your energetic field, resulting in increased vitality and energy.

The Penta Power Widget uses the same technology to promote a deep state of relaxation.

Whether you are looking for protection against radiation or a stress relief tool, the Penta Power Tags are an efficient all-in-one solution.

Try the Penta Power Widget today and experience for yourself the power of this advanced technology that promotes wellbeing and balance.


Get to know the ancient Hawaiian art of living: Ho’oponopono.

This allows you to clear negative memories and unconscious programmes within yourself, resulting in inner peace and improved balance in your life.

This powerful technique was integrated into the Penta Power Widget and is based on four sentences:

  • I’m sorry
  • Forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

These phrases form the basis of Ho’oponopono and contribute to transforming negative energy into positive, healing relationships and promoting inner peace.

How do you install the widget on your website?

You can easily integrate the Penta Power Widget into your own website, giving your website visitors a unique feeling of harmony and wellbeing.

It is a small gesture with a major effect on health. Do it today and help others experience this feeling.

Complete the form below, and you will receive an email with the installation code. This code consists of just four simple lines.

You can place the code on your website for free.

Together, we work on wellbeing and harmony!

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