What are the main symptoms of strain from electromagnetic radiation?

Major exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause several symptoms. Although reactions to radiation can vary from person to person, there are some common symptoms associated with overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. Some of these symptoms may include:

  1. Fatigue : A feeling of exhaustion and fatigue that does not go away even after sufficient rest.
  2. Headache : Frequent headaches or migraine attacks for no apparent reason.
  3. Sleep disorders : Sleep problems, including difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, frequent waking at night and not feeling rested in the morning.
  4. Dizziness : Experiencing dizziness or lightheadedness with no immediate explanation.
  5. Concentration disorders : Having difficulty concentrating on tasks or being easily distracted.
  6. Memory problems : Loss of memory or difficulty retrieving information.
  7. Irritability and mood swings. : Unexplained irritability, feelings of anxiety and frequent mood swings.
  8. Muscle and joint pain. : Unexplained pain in muscles and joints, often without direct physical exertion.
  9. Skin problems : Itching, redness, rashes or other skin irritations not explained by other factors.
  10. Electro-sensitivity : Some people develop electro-sensitivity, which means they have extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and experience symptoms when exposed to even small amounts of radiation.
Skin problems caused by radiation and e-smog