Can I find testimonials somewhere?

Certainly, below you will find some of them:

  • ‘Since my son and eldest daughter have been carrying the Pendant with them, I notice much cheerfulness and relaxation in them.’ (T.)
  • ‘I myself was particularly bothered by the tablet. When I had used it in the evening, I felt a lot of vibrations in my arms in bed. Now, after sticking the Penta Power Duo Tag, that is completely gone.’ (D.)
  • ‘As a therapist, I regularly come into contact with highly sensitive people. They are more often affected by radiation than less sensitive people. In practice, the Penta Power Tags stickers turn out to cover most layers of radiation well. I have tried other stickers, but they are not as effective.’ (E.)
  • ‘I make very intensive smartphone calls and was experiencing a lot of headaches and tingling in my head and ears. Immediately after applying a Penta Power Duo Tag, I felt a remarkable difference and the headaches and tingling disappeared.’ (D.)
  • ‘Our bedroom was recently moved to another room right next to the laundry room, where our electric meter hangs. Since the move, we both had headaches and sore throats at night, but we didn’t find that out from each other until a few weeks later. We had heard about Penta Power through a friend and had been debating whether or not to get it ourselves for a while. The day after, I ordered the Penta Power Home Tag. Our symptoms were gone after one night. That’s all it takes for us to prove that it works and is needed!’ (H.)
  • ‘What peace there is in my home and practice! Much less bothered by all the radiation. Opposite the practice is a retirement home with a lot of antennas on the roof. Now it’s not so intrusive anymore.’ (L.)
  • ‘In the kinesiology course, we tested your products. I was very surprised at the effect of your products on muscle testing. Participants who weakened in proximity to a blowing hair dryer (1200 watts) or when using a cell phone all responded positively to Penta Power products. I am now completely convinced myself’