What is the scientific background of Penta Power Tags?

Penta Power Tags are based on the innovative work of Professor Konstantin Meyl. This eminent scientist has conducted pioneering research into the structure of our nerve pathways and the role of scalar waves in the two-way flow of information in these pathways.

As human beings, we communicate on a scalar level and thus are actually “scalar entities. Our nerves conduct this scalar component flawlessly , just as water flows through a perfectly formed riverbed. It is a deeply interwoven part of who and what we are.

The However, many wireless technologies are sources of external and non-natural scalar waves . . These external waves can interfere with our internal natural scalar waves, creating a dissonant resonance. This conflict contributes to the sensitivity that many of us experience as a result of electronic smog (e-smog).

To counter this problem, the Penta Power Tags are designed to convert this harmful radiation component into a positive componen t. You can compare them to harmonizers that transform the dissonant sound caused by e-smog into a symphony perfectly in harmony with our natural rhythms .