What is the difference between the silver and gold Penta Power Jewel Pendant?

The thing is, gold jewelry keeps its longer retain their beautiful appearance . This is because gold does not oxidize and there are few chemicals that can damage gold. Thus, gold jewelry is more durable than silver. This durable nature of gold, combined with its high monetary value , is why most people prefer gold to silver.

Unlike gold, silver does oxidize over time. To prevent this, our silver Jewel Pendant is treated with a layer of rhodium to keep the jewel beautiful for longer.

A allergy to silver may occur. With gold, an allergic reaction is less likely.

By nature, gold possesses a higher vibration than silver. On an energetic level silver more Yin and gold more Yang .

Thus, although there are differences between silver and gold, the operation of quantum information, on the other hand, is identical in the silver or gold Penta Power Jewel Pendant. .

Penta Power Jewel Pendant silver
Penta Power Jewel Pendant in white yellow and rose gold