Do Penta Power Tags also work against 5G radiation?

Yes, Penta Power Tags also work against 5G radiation. The Tags are designed to operate omnifrequently , meaning they are effective against all types of radiation sources and frequencies, including 5G . They also remain capable of perfectly transforming future developments such as 6G.

The operation of Penta Power Tags does not depend on the specific frequency of radiation. They transform radiation regardless of whether it comes from 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or other sources . This makes them suitable for protection against various wireless communication technologies.

It is important to note that Penta Power Tags do not affect the operation or performance of wireless networks such as 5G. They focus exclusively on transforming the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.

To ensure that our Tags continue to function optimally, we regularly update the quantum information programmed into the Tags. This way, all existing Tags are also immediately updated with improved and updated functionality.

However, it is true that now with 5G it is even more important than before to verify that all radiation from all proprietary devices and radiation sources is fully transformed.

So be sure to do our radiation scan!

Penta Power Tags also protect against 5G and 6G radiation