Penta Power Gold Tag

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Radiation sources and applications

With the powerful Penta Power Gold Tag, you are protected from a lot of radiation sources:

  • Microwave oven – Microwave*
  • Induction cooking stove*
  • Electric car*
  • Public transportation
  • Airplane

Applications of the Penta Power Gold Tag:

Radiation protection:

  • In work environment
  • In car
  • Traveling
  • On the go in hand and briefcase

Positive energetic effect:

  • Energetically charging food and drink
  • Extends the freshness of food in the refrigerator
  • Cleanses and refreshes crystals
  • Encourages long, lush blooms of flowers and plants


More peace and harmony:

  • In class: take the Tag with you in school bag or backpack
  • On bedside table or under pillow for blissful sleep



The Penta Power Gold Tag has a diameter of 137 mm.

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The Penta Power Gold Tag is a portable solution that creates a radiation and stress-free environment. Stress and radiation are neutralized and transformed into positive energy.