Induction stove


An induction cooktop heats the bottom of a pan using a magnetic field.

The hob is activated on contact with the pan. There are no red-hot cooking zones on an induction cooktop.

What is the negative impact on health?

Induction hobs generate very strong magnetic fields that have a harmful effect on health.

There are studies linking radiation from the induction cooktop to cancer.

What can you do?

  • Opt for the healthier (vitro) ceramic cooktop or the gas stove.
  • Turn off the induction cooktop before removing the pan from the cooking zone.
  • A pan that covers the entire cooking zone provides a smaller radiation impact.

How can Penta Power help you?

Want complete protection from the harmful radiation of the induction cooktop?

You can do that with Penta Power Tags.

These neutralize and transform all radiation from the induction stove into positive energy.

To do so, combine these 3 tags:

Follow these simple instructions for placement and use of the Penta Power Tags.

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