Baby monitor

What is the negative impact on health?

The baby monitor is considered a very heavy and absolutely avoidable source of radiation for baby and parents. Babies and children up to 16 are even more sensitive to the effects of radiation than adults.

A baby monitor consists of 2 units, one for the baby and one for the parents, so both are impacted.

The technology used is the same and is as powerful as that of the DECT phone. It transmits a very strong, high-frequency signal non-stop (24/7), even when not in use.

The radiation level is comparable to that of a transmitter mast within 300 m radius!

What can you do?

  • The best solution: don’t use a baby monitor
  • Opt for the slightly better wifi baby monitor
  • Or use an ECO-DECT phone
  • And place each unit at least 3 meters away from baby and parents

How can Penta Power help you?

A baby monitor is essential for you; it provides a sense of security. But you also want to protect the health of your baby, yourself and your partner 100% from the health risks caused by radiation?

Attach a set of Penta Power Duo Tags to each baby monitor unit. The tags instantly transform radiation into positive energy. This allows the baby to remain monitored carefree, even with a baby monitor with video function. Safety first.

Order your 2 sets of Penta Power Duo Tags here to unplug the baby monitor.

Follow these simple instructions for placement and use of Penta Power Tags

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