Radar at less than 300 meters

What is the negative impact on health?

Depending on their purpose, there are different types of radars such as those for military or aviation applications. They vary in power and range and often transmit signals to the sky or other points above the Earth’s surface.

Exposure to these radars can cause various health problems depending on the type of radar and their distance.

Examples include a decrease in male fertility and an increased risk of certain cancers, such as testicular cancer.

What can you do?

  • It is advisable to live at least 300 meters away from radars.
  • Try to arrange the spaces where you spend a lot of time, the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office, on the opposite side of the house, away from the radar view.

How can Penta Power help you?

  1. In rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office, attach a Penta Power Quatro Tag to every window and door with a radar view.
  2. In addition, put another Penta Power Gold Tag in the areas where the radar is visible.
  3. Protect your home against radiation with Penta Power Home Tags. By affixing the right number of Penta Power Home Tags in your home, you form a protective shield, so to speak, and are safe from radiation from all types of radars in an easy and efficient way.

Would you like to find out how many Home Tags you need to protect your home?

Based on photos, our experts perform a detailed risk analysis, taking into account the specific characteristics of your home and surroundings. This determines the correct locations for attaching the right number of Tags.

You will be assured of maximum radiation protection.

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