Powerline communication

What is powerline?

Powerline Communication or Internet through the wall outlet. It creates network connections or Wi-Fi points in the home without pulling cables by sending the Internet signal through the electrical grid.

How do you recognize a powerline adapter?
A powerline adapter is a box with network cable connections that you plug into a wall outlet.

Wi-Fi powerlines
These adapters establish Internet connectivity over the electricity network and provide greater WiFi coverage with an additional WiFi transmitter and receiver. However, this results in double radiation, both through the power grid and when creating a Wi-Fi signal.

What is the negative impact on health?

Powerline Communication is consequently more harmful than Wi-Fi because it turns all the power lines in and around the home into a huge antenna that emits high-frequency radiation nonstop.

This constant exposure increases the risk of disease and illness.

What can you do?

  • Choose a wired network.
  • Make use of an additional switch or timer to put the network on non-active at least at night already in the home.

How can Penta Power help you?

Want to continue using your powerline network without the health risks due to radiation? Provide all powerline adapters with Penta Power Multi Tags, this way you transform all radiation into positive energy and can continue to use your network with peace of mind.

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