Electric blanket

What is the negative impact on health?

While an electric blanket is nice and warm in winter, it is important to note that it is a powerful source of electromagnetic radiation, in addition to the potential safety risks it poses.

Because there is direct contact with the body and we lie still and flat for long periods of time, the negative impact on health is very high.

What can you do?

Use an old-fashioned hot water bottle or put an extra blanket on your bed.

If you can’t do without, use a switch box with an on/off switch or a timer.

For example, you can turn on your blanket a good half hour before bedtime and turn the blanket off at bedtime.

How can Penta Power help you?

Do you still swear by the blissful warmth of your electric blanket , but do not want to face the health risks due to the presence of electromagnetic radiation?

By combining the Penta Power 220 Tag with the Penta Power Quatro Tags and the Penta Power Gold Tag, you can protect against them in an easy and efficient way.

Follow these simple instructions for placement and use of Penta Power Tags

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