Electric blanket: guide to placement and use of Penta Power Tags

  1. Stick a Penta Power 220 Tag to the power supply or connection of the electric blanket.
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  2. Stick the Penta Power Quatro Tag onto your bed frame. It consists of a set of four individual Tags that should each be glued on your bed at the level of the corners. Either all 4 at the bottom of the bed or all 4 at the top. The four Tags that make up the Quatro Tag must always be glued together in the same plane!
    Our Tags stick well to treated wood, metal, plastic, etc. If the frame of your bed is in fabric or (imitation) leather, for example, a drop of glue can work wonders.
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  3. The Penta Power Gold Tag can be placed on the nightstand, under the pillow, under the mattress or on the floor.

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